Product Packaging with PVC Window, Secure Shipping Boxe, Simple Corner Protection, Custom Branding, Merchandising Palette ...

For our smaller retail locations, our paintings will arrive in the box featured below. Each box has a photo of the painting it contains and each painting is carefully packaged with ample amounts of bubble wrap and the cardboard corner protectors to ensure the painting arrives un damaged. Each box has two carrying straps to make the transportation of the painting from your store to your clients home effortless.

Medium sized retail stores will typically receive their orders in the same boxes used for our small retail stores and direct clients.  Solutions we use for larger retailer chains may be requested, however additional charges will apply, please feel free to contact us for additional details.

Our large retail stores have several packaging options available to them, typically choosing whichever compliments their interior design, or are best suited to their inventory specifications. Many large retailers that do not request exclusivity or branding, opt to use the same packaging as our small retail locations as it is requires minimal storage space.  Our large retail locations with product line exclusivity often opt for option A, below, which features a clear window to view the product, possibility of the retailers logo/brand on the packaging directly and a handle for simple transportation.  Depending on the layout of the location, some of our larger retailers also opt for very simple packaging, featuring the four protectors on each corner of the painting with no box however this solutixon is best for one panel paintings, which are not as popular as our multi panel designs.